Caro's Creams

Caro's Creams

10 stepney road, Whitehall, bristol, Somerset, bs5 9AU

It all started with my passion for herbs and hedgerow medicine (and a few courses under my belt), and then from my little one developing eczema and wanting to make something as natural and healing as possible to treat it (which I did - see my Calm it down cream).

I make my own infused oils (where I double infused wild herbs in the best quality organic cold pressed oils - in a solar cooker in the back garden on a sunny day), tinctures (herbs steeped in alcohol) and herbal infusions (strong herbal teas left to brew overnight with ionised water). I use herbs from the garden, allotment, hedgerows or fields (no-where near anything polluting).

All the other ingredients are as natural, organic and the best quality I can source. The pots are all recyclable, or re-usable if you bring them back to me (and get money off subsequent purchases).

The 'creams' are made with natural ingredients, including a natural preservative


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